Why We're Launching WOLACO Media


We've all heard the phrase "Content is King." And that's because it's true.

Whether you're a Fortune 500 company or a small e-commerce brand, quality (and consistent) content has not only become the ticket to the top, but the price to play.

Here's the problem, though --- very few brands actually understand content. Sure, they have a blog on their website because they read somewhere that "blog traffic is key," and they probably have a newsletter, too, because they read somewhere that "newsletters are back." 

But are these brands actually providing value? Not really, they're just checking off the boxes. 

It's not genuine. There's no back-and-forth conversation. It's traditional advertising all over again, except instead of boring banner ads, we get well-produced Instagram #sponsored posts. Slight improvement for the consumer, I guess... but are we really making progress?

At WOLACO, we're thinking differently... 

Instead of viewing content as a vehicle, we're viewing it as our brand. Content is our brand. That means that all of our strategy, production, and distribution is going to be handled in-house. It also means that every piece of content we produce has one simple objective: to provide value.

We don't want to send newsletters full of sales pitches and promotions... we want to send newsletters full of information and humor.

We don't want to partner with brands just because they have huge social media followings... we want to partner with brands because they're awesome and sell products/services that we love.

I think of it like this...

We're building a media company inside of the existing WOLACO brand, except instead of having to rely on advertising or subscription dollars for revenue (like every other media company), we've got a slew of AWESOME PRODUCTS flying off the shelves and supporting the media side of the business. 

This will allow us to remain laser-focused on the quality of the content we're putting out and the voice we want to carve out for ourselves. It will also allow us to form a closer, more personal relationship with all of you -- which is the most important thing of all.

That's it for now. Thanks for being a part of this, we love you.

- Kendall Baker, Head of Content


Kendall Baker