Building a Brand with a Heartbeat, in a Silicon Filled Era

Mugshots of those who have stopped by WOLACO HQ.

Mugshots of those who have stopped by WOLACO HQ.


The Start-up Playbook

You want to build an e-commerce business?

  • Identify a white space

  • Pour advertising dollars into performance marketing

  • add influencers

  • and events

  • optimize your website to be as few clicks to conversion as possible

  • See what converts

  • Dump more money in to it


That’s the blueprint, that’s the mold. That’s how they tell you to do it.

Build to swell, then sell. Not build to build something real.

We Know We’re Different


Terry White


You see us, you DM us, you’ve spoken to us on the phone, text, maybe you’ve worked out with us, you just know us.

This isn’t about anybody other than ourselves and what we hope to accomplish. We need WOLACO to have real meaning, and meaning cannot be manufactured. It requires action and real experience. Our motives are different, our purpose is lifelong, we’re building a brand with a heartbeat, forever.


Erin Falter

Co-Founder / Director of Marketing


It means - we’ll make decisions based on the heartbeat of our customer, not based on the start-up playbook.

It means we’ll sometimes need to sacrifice short-term growth for the long-term mission and values of the brand. WOLACO is dedicated to empowering the pursuit of personal growth through an endlessly active lifestyle. We do it through our products that create efficiency and freedom to move at a moment’s notice, whenever and however you please. Most importantly though, we want to live it with you. Build and grow through experience, listen, react, and build.


Nick Dio

Co-Founder / Creative Director

That north star keeps us grounded. Are we a business, YES. But we’re humans and athletes first. So instead of pretending we’re something we’re not, as if we have it all figured out. We’ll choose honesty and transparency, we’ll choose to share the real and raw, to own the mistakes and share the victories because you’ve shared your own with us.

We’re on this journey together. Every finish line crossed, every personal record broken, every workout shown up to, we FEEL it, we live it. Our heart beats with you.

If you’ve felt that, we want to tell your story. Share your WIN with us, a breakthrough or accomplishment you’ve had through our brand and product. Submit your story and get a custom 15% off code for your next purchase, a simple thank you for being on this journey together. Send us your story on Instagram DM or by email to

Lets Build Together,