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JAMES MCMILLIAN @j_fit4life_

  • Top 5 Body Weight Exercises: 
  • Hanging Leg Lifts - Hang from a chin up bar and raise your legs 90 degrees. 
  • Dragon Flags - Lie on a decline bench and grab the edge of the bench with both hands. Swing your feet up until your body is vertical. 
  • Traditional Push Up -If you're subscribed to this newsletter, you probably know how to do this. 
  • Hanging Wind-shield wipers - hang from a chin-up bar and pull your body close to the bar, bending your elbows and contracting your upper back. Rotate your legs side to side. 
  • Burpees with knee tuck jump 
  • Do each of these 100 times for 10 sets. Or 15 times for 5 sets if you're feeling soft. 
  • Go-to Pump Up Song: Glow Up by Meek Mill

Biggest Fitness Challenge: "Having a Full-time job along with a part time job while maintaining an amazing physique as a fitness model. I have to formulate office workouts and when I am in a gym I have to do full-body multi-functional workouts." 

Favorite Post Workout Snack: Granola and a piece of chocolate.. Sometimes some apple juice..