Why We Make Longer Compression Gear



It's October, hate it or love it, winter is coming. While longer length compressions do keep your legs warmer which can help prevent injury caused by stiff muscles in colder temps; COLDER TEMPERATURES wasn't the main driver for our longer lengths.

This QUICK explanation of the history of our .75 and full length compressions should answer WHY and WHO. Why are we making them, who are we making them for?


More compression less VIBRATION -  When you move, things jiggle...  as you get older, increasingly so. Our compression keeps your muscles... compressed. Longer lengths cover more real estate keeping the muscles found in your legs singing from the same hymn sheet.


Improved CIRCULATION -  The extra little squeeze you feel in WOLACO compression gear can lead to better blood circulation which returns to your heart faster. Better circulation means more oxygen to your muscles and less build up of things like lactic acid and excess fluid.

DUDES are HAIRY -  It's why speed skaters wear compression suits. While many of our guys aren't worried about shaving a .01 off their 40 time - a smooth surface leads to less friction and can improve performance.

ATHLETES - Our roots as collegiate athletes has accelerated the innovation of our longer lengths. Lacrosse, basketball, hockey, running, rowing, every competitive athlete has been more prone to adopt .75s and full length compression, increasingly so in the last few years.

So, we did it for...


Now, Go Get 'Em