Ethos: Chapter 1, The Model and The Athlete 


Once a week from now until we change our minds, we're going to explore the ETHOS of WOLACO.

Hey Alexa, Define ETHOS: 

"Ethos means, the distinctive spirit of a culture or an era"

This is really our chance to share our way of thinking about how we run Way of Life Athletic Co. This week, we want to chat about how we view our models and athletes.

As the company matures, so does our position on who we choose to represent us. We've been incredibly fortunate to work with models and athletes alike who have ultimately become brand evangelists for us. They are real advocates who embody our beliefs and help us spread the word. But what's become increasingly important to us is that these people share an appetite for ambition, a genuine authenticity in who they are, and a uniqueness that is their own.

From here on out, we're only interested in what is real. Real people, real feelings, that's it, that's all we're interested in.

We want those who appear in our photos and videos to be doing what THEY do. To showcase our brand, but also to give them a platform within the WOLA community. 

Our Promise / Our Ethos:

Any model or athlete shown on the WOLACO channels will be depicted in a manner that is authentic to them. They will be presented as themselves, honestly and accurately. We won't fake it, we won't stereotype or typecast. We only care about who you are, what you do...and how you make it a Way of Life.

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