You've got one shot: Why WOLACO?


We posted a photo on Instagram yesterday that started to scratch the surface of a question we get often at WOLACO (Way of Life Athletics Company)

... is it just the pockets, what makes you different?

It's a valid question and one we want to unpack for our newer customers.

bb14f250-f201-4cab-b192-3f41f59a22de.jpeg a young 20-something navigating the first stages of post collegiate life. It's an incredibly liberating time where freedom of choice is the most abundant. What should I wear, who should I listen to, where should I eat, where should I hangout, should I workout... 

it all comes down to where do I want to spend my time, energy, focus, and money? 

You become engulfed by the allure of all a city has to offer and "the scene" is captivating. Surrounded by inspiration so many of us crave a deeper sense of purpose, to find a cadence, build a routine, and fuel our ambitions. For us there wasn't a eureka moment, just a question we tasked ourselves with answering... 

If we've got one real shot to impart something on the world, what can we give?

Realizing that movement, exercise, overall health and wellness made us more efficient, more ambitious, more effective humans...

could we build a product that helped people be more effective? Could we build a brand that fueled their ambitions?

Knowing that time and speed > everything. We created a product that helps people who want to move, to go, to do.

We made a choice to make our search a

Way of Life.

...and we're so grateful to everyone who continues to make that choice with us.