This article was written by Terry White, Founder and CEO of WOLACO

“If we're going to do it the same way as the brands that came before us, then why are we doing it at all?”

Over the past 4 years, it has been the evolution of your mind and your approach to living that has brought WOLACO to life.

It’s my belief that the world we live in is evolving for the better, our expectations for ourselves are higher, our standards for living are greater. It has become more widely accepted and understood that the way we treat our bodies physically and the way we conditions ourselves mentally has a tangible effect on our performance daily. Most importantly, it impacts our relationships professionally, personally, and with those that we care for and love.

“As a brand and business we need to do things differently than those that came before us, we need to build this business from a place of purpose, and that purpose is you.”

We EXIST for you. Our responsibility and purpose as a brand is to match you in every stride, to help refocus your energy when needed, to empower the pursuit of personal growth through an active way of life. That’s why we exist. That’s why we’re here today.

What we’re building together will match the ambitions of this generation, will rise to the standards of our customer, and surpass the previous expectations you’ve had for brands.

So what does that mean for Way of Life Athletic Company moving forward?

You can expect to see more of our team and our community. Our brand is built around real people, and it’s through all of our experiences that we can inspire and lift up one another.   

We hold firmly on our stance that the active way of life far transcends any one moment or decision in a day, it truly is a lifestyle, a mindset and full adoption of a healthier existence.

Above all else, we firmly believe that our brand can move our generation for the better. But WE aren’t so naive to think that WE can accomplish this ourselves. And like anything great, it will take time, focus and real work. WE are growing with you, mounting the little wins over time, gradually improving habits, continuously sharpening the knife. WITH YOU.

As we look ahead to 2019 we will be making a fuller effort to bring the Active Way of Life, to LIFE. That means we’re going to do everything in our power to continue delivering best-in-class active gear. In 2019 we will introduce the fourth generation of the greatest game-changing compression gear on this planet, with the launch of North Moore 4. We’ll also be introducing the much anticipated WOLACO WOMEN collection, an opportunity to finally outfit the amazing women who have become a major part of our WOLAFam.

It’s a great time to be different...

It’s a Way of Life,

Terry White, Founder & CEO