Chris Hauth, an elite triathlon and endurance sports coach recently wrote a passage about "MEANING" and the growing popularity of outdoor endurance challenges…

To paraphrase he believes that we’re hardwired as humans to feel an innate connection to the outdoors. That a deeper feeling of purpose can be found not at work, not at home but at play, outside in nature, in the ocean, the woods, the dessert, and on the mountain.


Somewhere in this he touched on something that really struck a cord...

photo: @erichinman

...he said that humans inherently want to be ACTIVE.

Again I’m paraphrasing but what I took from it was, the earth spins, the seasons change, plants grow, plates shift, the earth is constantly at change and that change is  a result of how ACTIVE the earth is. And because we, the human race, spend our time attached to this earth we inherently want to be just as active as the surfaces we are grounded to.

"Out loud, middle of a run while listening to this I went HUNH! Makes sense to me!" Let me explain why.

I haven’t fully figured out how to harness my own energy but what I do know is in my own experiences when I need to REALLY BREAK OUT I strap on runners, a pair of North Moore shorts, and run until I can’t anymore. Like every good dog owner should with their rambunctious puppy. That retreat back to simple origins of movement giving me the clarity need to refocus on what I must to progress. It’s why we want to play outside as children, why we run to the ocean, why we climb a tree, its why we chase the sunset or sunrise.

Being ACTIVE isn’t a job title, it’s not a lifestyle, it’s in our DNA, it’s the way we’re wired. 


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