We've had a good year and now more than ever we can feel it in the air.

We're on the tips of tongues, we're seeing our gear in the wild, and now we're launching a new product.

Like everything else in life, anything worth doing, is worth doing right. That's why we took a year to develop IT.

Designed in New York City. Cut and Sewn in Southern California. Shipped direct to you.

Made of tencel, an all-natural fiber structure that's as soft as new puppy fur and polyester/spandex that moves moisture away from the body.

This new product will immediately become apart of your everyday rotation. It's the lightest we've ever engineered, the most durable, and its shape and design will make you look better than a well tailored tuxedo. 

Did we say its durable? 50-wash tested by our Founder and CEO, Terry White.

White says "It's the most resilient product we've ever made"

So what is it? Well we can't tell you yet but we can tell you we only made 300 of them and they're gonna go quick.

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