We’ve been working towards (and you’ve been patiently waiting for) this moment for years. The styles we’ve been concepting, prototyping and refining for so long are finally ready to come to life.

To our WOLACO Women - this pre-launch is dedicated to you. Despite the wait, you still showed up - on Instagram DMs and at WOLACO Wednesday.  And when that wasn’t enough, you outright bought the men’s gear and wore it so damn well. Thank you for being our muse.

Meet the inceptive three pieces of the WOLACO women’s COLLECTION.

The Pier 25 Legging


Named after: The Pier 25 turf in TriBeCa (The origin location of WOLACO Wednesday)

We've always wanted a legging made from a high-level performance fabric that has the same high rise waistline of our favorite pants - so we made one, and added the mother of all pockets. The Pier 25 legging is cool to the touch and the universally-loved sweat-proof phone pocket gives you the freedom to move with no strings attached. The extreme compressive knit redistributes the moisture to ensure a dry run. To be clear - this is not you go-to pant for doing leisurely things. Finished with a high gage to ensure there is zero percent chance of sheerness, you can run, squat, lift and sweat with the same confidence you have in your legging that we do in your potential.

If you loved the Men’s Fulton Full…

the Pier 25 legging brings the signature first-of-its-kind sweat-proof phone pocket directly into our women’s line. The auxiliary pockets are subtly weaved into the back waistband for sneaky storage and the most flattering feminine shape.  

The Walker Crop


Named after: Walker St in TriBeCa

To us - there is nothing more distracting than a mid burpee boob slip. We designed the Walker Crop with a high neckline to keep everything tucked in tight up front and a deep scoop in the back to keep cool while you're pushing your limits. Its versatile longer shape works well as a solo top or as a sports bra under another layer. Like all WOLACO, we're all about the details: the compressive fabric is crafted from recycled yarn, doubled for extra support and finished with a perforated top layer. Keep breathing - you’re looking great.

If you loved the Men’s North Moore Short…

The Walker crop pulls the iconic elastic found in the waistband of the men's compression line in a more elevated and stylized manner.  The elastic has WOLACO etched into the back and has a softer touch so that it can sit comfortably against the rib cage.

The Murray Crop Sweatshirt


Named after: Murray St. in TriBeCa

Early morning sunrise runs are notorious for their 20-degree temperature change. Start your jog in the cooler temps with the Murray Crop and whip off mid-run once the hair whispies kick in. We've intentionally rounded the hemline to accentuate feminine curves and cropped the length to move with you. Thumbhole detailing promises warm hands, and as a bonus, you can wrap the extra long sleeves securely around your waist when you've hit your stride. Just double knot and go.

If you loved the Men’s High Line Hood…

Bury yourself in the same cozy insulated lining of the men’s hoodie with the Murray cropped crewneck. With a heavier brush, the fabric is a bit thicker and softer for optimal comfort.

The Women’s Collection will be available for pre-sale February 25th. As the countdown begins, the days are running out to sign up to receive 15% off our women’s launch.

Already signed up? Send this blog post to your friends and your family because we YOU believe strength comes in numbers. Spread the word about the launch because we YOU want to inspire the next generation. We YOU know you are your best self when you’re living the active way of life. You already have the ambition. Now, you have the gear to match.

See you on Monday, WOLAwomen.  

Written by: Linley Shaw