Founder Terry White (left) Creative Director Nick Dio (right)

Founder Terry White (left) Creative Director Nick Dio (right)


The Fastest way to figure out your purpose is to start living your life intentionally.

There is no mistake, no serendipity, no luck behind the story of our brand or how you got to where you are today. That's just how we think. We weren't born in a boardroom, we're not a brainchild of venture capital, we are a frustrated customer turned protagonist. Today we're not just writing our story, we're eating, breathing, sweating it, we're LIVING IT.

All of this was sparked by someone we admire.

Chris Infurchia the CEO of Ragnar and his wife Jennifer were in NYC last week, and through mutual friends we were connected and able to convince them to grab a workout. 

ragnar2photo (1).JPG

For those who don't know Ragnar is a long distance (200ish mile) team relay run on either Trail or road.

So why are we saying this?

Over the last 15 years the Ragnar brand has continued to innovate and double down on COMMUNITY, two things we consider mission critical at WOLACO. Selfishly we wanted to pick the brain of a leader we admire and at the same time make a good impression. So we put Chris and Jennifer through the paces, and with the warm up feeling like a workout in and of itself, he turned to us and said,


We were about half way through a brutal circuit, we assured him it wasn't too out of the ordinary for us to go this hard and that's when he said something that ties this whole thing together. 


It was the first time we had heard another CEO say it aloud, and it's something we have our own version of, but given the context of the situation it made all the sense. 

It really is a Way of life for us and for our customers - something we collectively embody in thought, action, and belief. 

We move everyday toward curiosity, constantly finding ways to improve ourselves. Finding stability in a cadence that requires a mindful approach to being active and a very intentional way of spending our time and choosing our relationships.

IT's more than picking things up and putting them down. it's bigger than training, or a personal record, or a max effort...

It's knowing the connection with ones self and your ability to squeeze everything you want from the one shot you've got at life, can start with an elevated heart rate and the challenge you bring to your mind, body, and soul. For us and hopefully for you, it's just a Way of Life.